European Commission goals

FP6/FP7 focused on technological research, in Horizon 2020 the focus is on innovation, delivering economic growth faster and delivering solutions to end users

  • Timeframe 2014–2020 with €80bn of funding with SMEs receiving around 20%
  • Airport IQ project ~ € 2.8M
  • EC “wants to make Horizon 2020 the most SME-friendly EU support program in history”
  • H2020 covers the European environmental research and innovation policy
  • Airport IQ is an “Innovation project” addressing the Transport Specific Programme (H2020 Specific Programme: Part III – 4. Smart, green and integrated transport)

Smart, green and integrated transport H2020 Programme: Part III – 4

Airport IQ aims to improve the quality of the information that is used in turnaround. The departure time of an aircraft is predicted and set based upon a wide range of live and static data being provided - from groups such as catering fuelling teams, passenger handlers, maintenance crews, aircraft crew and baggage handlers.

The time estimates provided have many in-built time buffers, which when added together can have a significant impact on the accuracy of the departure time. By improving the quality of the information, the buffers will be reduced with a corresponding improvement in the eventual turnaround time.


Project Coordinator:
Roland Guraly


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